Publisher also working on Hearthstone-style Elder Scrolls title for iOS and Android

E3 2015: Free-to-play Fallout leads Bethesda’s mobile line-up

Bethesda is ramping up its presence on mobile with the announcement of two new titles for smart devices.

The first is Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play spin-off that sees players constructing and maintaining a Vault, with the objective of caring for as many survivors as possible. The game acts as a precursor to the upcoming Fallout 4, due this November.

In a surprise twist, Fallout Shelter is already available now for iOS and Android. Bethesda’s Todd Howard promised that this wouldn’t be ‘one of those rubbish free-to-play games’, according to MCV

Meanwhile, the company is attempting to take on Blizzard behemoth Hearthstone with The Elder Scrolls Legends, a free-to-play strategy card game due for iOS and Android later this year. The title pits players against monsters and creatures from the open-world RPG series.

You can check out announcement trailers for both games below:

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