Chair steps up for sequel to the iOS blockbuster; New game features iCloud support; Compatible across a range of iOS handsets

Epic flaunts iPhone 4S power with Infinity Blade 2

Epic Games today took stage at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to reveal Infinity Blade 2, a full sequel to the iOS blockbuster.

In development at Epic Games subsidiary Chair, which built the original Infinity Blade, the game will take full advantage of Apple’s new smartphone.

The game is scheduled to launch exclusively on iOS December 1st.

Epic said the new game will “take full advantage of the processing power of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch”, and supports iOS 5 features such as iCloud, which will enable profiles and save games to transfer seamlessly between devices.

“Infinity Blade allowed us to demonstrate the true potential of triple-A handheld gaming by delivering mind-blowing graphics and awesome gameplay to millions of mobile users,” said Chair Entertainment boss Donald Mustard.

“With Infinity Blade 2, we’re pushing the boundaries of everything achieved to date and adding a ton of new content and unique new features to create the must-have gaming experience on iOS.”

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 and boasts new fighting styles and weapon classes, coupled with deep role-playing elements provide even greater game play variation.

Epic made more tha $10 million in sales from the original Infinity Blade, the company recently claimed.

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