Evolution ‘doesn’t want’ players to use DriveClub’s microtransactions

DriveClub director Paul Rustchynsky has insisted that there’s no danger of the planned microtransactions detracting from the player base’s experience.

Last month it seemed as if Rustchynsky had ruled out any possibility of the game using IAPs, only for it to be confirmed that earlier this month that microtransactions will indeed be included.

"The important thing about micro-transactions is, if they ever influence the game design or the progression then yes, there can be a negative influence," Rustchynsky told Eurogamer.

"But that’s absolutely not what we’ve done with DriveClub. Progression is quick. You unlock cars rapidly. If you’re part of a club you get access to those things super quick. We don’t want players to feel like we’re nickle-and-diming them. That’s not our intention. We want players to play the game as normal."

He added that the game will use a model similar to that seen in fellow Evolution release MotorStorm RC, and that there were no complaints” in that instance.

Rustchynsky even went as far as to suggest that the studio actively hopes players DON’T make the additional purchases.

"We don’t want them to use them really," he insisted. "We want them to play the tour and naturally progress through the cars. We’ve got everything from hot hatches to hyper cars, and we don’t really want people jumping into hyper cars immediately because they might not be tooled up.

They might not have the skills they need. By all means, you can do that, but we’d prefer players to play with the cars we intended to be first.”

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