F2P PixelJunk Monsters coming to mobile via Kickstarter

Q-Games wants to make a mobile version of PS3 hit PixelJunk Monsters, and has turned to Kickstarter to do it.

As the game will be free-to-play, Kickstarter backers should theoretically still be able to play even without laying down cash – although should not enough people back it, it of course won’t come into being. The rewards include access to the game a month early, wallpapers, private chat groups and the like.

Being F2P means the game will use microtransactions, too.

“The microtransactions in PixelJunk Monsters Duo are limited to trading for Rainbow Gems, a form of in-game currency,” Q-Games said. “While microtransactions will not be active during prototype gameplay, there will be a login bonus in both the prototype and final game where players receive Rainbow Gems and see the extent to which they are involved with gameplay. The Rainbow Gems aren’t needed to progress in the game and there are no paywalls or timers to adversely affect your enjoyment.

“Releasing PixelJunk Monsters Duo as free to play makes it easier for people new to the Monsters games to give it a try, while letting fans both new and old show us their support every now and then. It also allows us to keep developing content for the game after release and more easily incorporate feedback from those same fans.”

The game is not a port of the original, which after hitting PS3 eventually also arrived on Wii U, PSP, Vita and PC. The developer says it “is being created from the ground up, with new gameplay, graphics, and a play style adapted completely to mobile”. It also will not require a permanent internet connection.

The studio also says that Switch and PS4 ports may be possible should the mobile release happen and prove successful.

The game is seeking funding of £80,673, of which it has raised £5,223.

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