FBI hasn’t told Apple how it cracked iOS

Concerns about Apple’s iOS security remain with the news that the tech giant still doesn’t know how US authorities successfully hacked into an iPhone.

The New York Times reports that FBI has confirmed that while it has been in discussions with Apple since it successfully broke the encryption of the San Bernardino’s shooters handset, it has not shared the solution with Apple to date”.

The agency has also not confirmed whether the data obtained from the phone has proved of any use to the investigation.

We’re still working on that, I guess is the answer,” it added. It was worth the fight to make sure that we have turned over every rock that we can with respect to the investigation. We owe it to the victims and the families to make sure that we pursue every logical lead.”

In February Apple publicly stated that it would not abide by an FBI request to build in a way for authorities to bypass iOS security.

Boss Tim Cook claimed the authorities wanted Apple to engineer a new version of its iOS operating system that included a method by which the government could brute-force pin entry attempts to gain access to data stored on handsets and tablets.

What followed was a very public back and fourth between tech leaders and officials, with one side saying data security was the paramount concern and the other arguing that Apple should have no choice but to follow state orders. Eventually the FBI, without Apple’s help, was successful in its attempts to access the device.

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