Title originally set for FF XIII universe to be released on smartphones

Final Fantasy Agito coming iOS and Android

Square Enix has unveiled Final Fantasy Agito, a mobile-bound RPG with multiplayer and free to play elements.

In a Famitsu preview translated by Polygon, producer Hajime Tabata revealed the game will land later this year for both iOS and Android devices.

Set within the world of 2011 PSP Japan release Final Fantasy Type-0, the game centers around retelling the story from the aforementioned portable title from the perspective of new characters. Players assume the role of a customizable character that is a student candidate at the same magic academy in FF Type-0.

"I wanted to write a story that traced the different fates of the FF Type-0 heroes," producer Hajime Tabata said.

"A lot of FF Type-0 players have told us that, and there are a lot of people within the studio, too, who wanted to do it. FF Type-0 was originally meant for release on mobile phones, and I liked the Agito name anyway, so that’s how we got started with this project."

Tabata also assured fans that Agito will be fun regardless of whether or not they put money into the free to play elements.

"[We want] you to be able to reach the ending fully free-to-play. I don’t buy extra stuff in games, after all. The ‘active force’ you consume in missions refills over time, but you can refill it instantly with an item if you want to play at once. You can also spin to purchase abilities, continues for when you fail at a mission, and most of the other things you’d expect."

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