MIGS 2010: Age of Conan MMO company boss argues the case for sticking to platform conventions

Funcom CEO: Triple-A on iPhone a bad move

Speaking at the closing keynote panel at MIGS 2010, Funcom CEO Miguel Caron has said that there is little benefit in developing triple-A titles for the iPhone and its small screen contemporaries.

"Trying to bring triple-A games to iPhone or another very small platform; I think that is the wrong thing to do," said Caron, who suggested that traditional MMOs do not work on mobiles and platforms that he sees as more suited for Tetris.

Caron quickly added "Funcom does want to be in the casual space too, and that is why we have our Studio Sweet Robot working in that space."

Later in the light-hearted panel that has become the traditional conclusion of MIGS, Caron also suggested it is close to impossible to premeditate every success.

"There’s no business mind that can forecast a success like Minecraft," he said, later playfully criticising the country in which Funcom is headquartered.

"Norway may be the worst city in the world for making games, because it is so expensive," he said.

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