Cut The Rope developer focusing on limited number of titles rather than ten-to-20 a year

GDC 13: Zeptolab on quality over quantity in mobile

Zeptolab founders Efim and Semyon have explained why it is important for the mobile developer to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Speaking to Polygon, Semyon said that although the studio was at work on four new games, such as a title based on Cut the Rope set to release in April, he feels that the developer would be better served focusing on a core set of titles, rather than churning out ten-to-20 games a year.

He explained that a focus on quality was part of his understanding of what a gaming company should be, a philosophy that had helped the studio expand and branch out beyond Cut The Rope, which has been downloaded 300 million times.

"For us, it’s quality,” said Semyon on the company’s plans.

“That’s why we’re very picky about who we get on board, and we really want our company to be associated with quality. We set the mark with Cut the Rope, and we don’t want to drop it down.

"We really don’t want to become a company that releases tens or twenties of titles every year. We want to have several titles, but they should be good."

Efim said that the studio also had no plans to move away from mobile game development and onto other platforms such as console, as the short development cycles and instant feedback provide developers with a number of benefits compared to the drawn out periods of console game creation.

"It’s not only a business decision to do mobile phones, my motivation for creating mobile games is that in quite a short period of time, you can create something pretty cool and launch it digital everywhere and many eyes will see it,” he said.

“If you compare it to the triple-A console games where I’d have to work on them for three-to-four years, and you’re waiting for a cycle to be published, it’s much more interesting to be in an agile cycle of development.”


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