Google and Razer join the Android microconsole party

Android microconsoles have been such a runaway success that you can see why so many companies are keen to enter the fray. Oh wait…

OK, so machines such as Amazon Fire TV, Ouya, Mad Catz’s Mojo, GameStick and Nvidia Shield haven’t exactly set the world alight, but faith clearly remains in the sector with two big names about to launch their own under-the-TV Android hardware.

First up is Google itself which yesterday at the I/O Conference revealed its set-top box platform Android TV. Like every other option on the market it focuses on streaming video and TV content and in many ways apes Google’s Chromecast in allowing users to push various digital content onto their TVs. Games will feature as part of the offer.

Android TV will feature as in-built tech in a number of upcoming smart TVs, with Sony and Sharp name dropped.

Also stepping up to the plate is PC peripherals firm Razer, which will also run Android TV although this time with a bigger emphasis on the gaming elements – although of course media streaming of all varieties will be supported.

Don’t forget that Sony is also getting in on the act with PlayStation TV (previously known as PS Vita TV). We’re sure Microsoft and Nintendo will reveal their own Android consoles any second now…

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