Google demands high-quality for Daydream VR games

Developers working on Google Daydream VR titles have said that the tech giant has put a huge focus on quality.

Game makers for the VR platform say that the tech giant is working to ensure that VR experiences with Daydream are made to a high standard.

In the past, Google’s Play Store has been something of a free-for-all when it came to both apps and games. With VR, technical fidelity is very important as titles with poor frame rates and responsiveness can make users feel ill.

Google has been great at supporting the dev community in that sense,” Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm (pictured, far right) said.

It makes sense to curate content a little bit more on VR than you would on mobile phone as, since you are in that world, if you have a bad experience you can become really nauseous. It makes sense to be a little bit more careful what consumers are exposwed to.”

nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh (pictured, above middle) added: Google has had us running through hoops to ensure the quality of what we are doing is top-notch. It is really strongly focused on a high quality bar with every product. Google is really raising the bar of what is being let through with Daydream.”

Mike Bithell (pictured, top left), who has developed EarthShape for the VR platform, says that studios themselves have also been the arbiters of quality for VR titles on Daydream.

I’d say that all of the developers who are launching games for Daydream are taking this stuff really seriously,” he said.

You’re not going to see choppy frame rates or nausea-inducing tracking out of the gate. Google is also taking this very seriously in its communications to us, and the devs themselves are proudly trying to do a good job with this and are making great introductory software for the platform.”

You can read more about Google’s Daydream VR platform in the November 25th issue of MCV

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