First device to run on Android TV platform due in the US on November 3rd

Google reveals Nexus Player microconsole

Search giant Google has detailed its competitor to Amazon’s Fire TV with the announcement of its own Android set-top box.

The Nexus Player runs on Google’s new Android TV platform and expands upon the streaming properties of the existing Google Chrome by providing dedicated hardware to run a number of apps – including games.

It will offer an optional controller, too, for the existing library of Android software. A mini-remote is included in the box that, among many things, integrates a microphone for voice control.

The Nexus Player itself, which houses 8GB of internal memory and a 1.8GHz Intel quad core processor, will cost $99.99, with the controller priced at $39.99. US pre-orders will start tomorrow (October 17th) with the device releasing on November 3rd.

MCV has the full story.

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