Marmalade, Unity and Corona SDK users can now support Atlas wireless gamepad

Green Throttle mobile controller gets cross-engine plug-in

Green Throttle Games has released a new SDK plug-in for a range of engines that will let more developers support the Atlas wireless controller.

The plug-in build of the Green Throttle SDK offers integrations with the Marmalade, Unity and Corona SDK solutions, specifically supporting the Android platform, and is being pitched as a way to add more of a console gaming experience to a studio’s mobile output.

"By integrating our SDK and building in support for Green Throttle’s controllers, developers now have the opportunity to breathe new life into their existing games with the introduction of Atlas controllers," said Stacey Hirata, head of publishing and developer relations for Green Throttle Games.

"In addition, developers have the ability to break through the clutter with the spotlight of the Arena app and the improved app discovery. New innovative games can be built from the ground up to fully enable multiple controllers."

The Arena app offers a marketplace for games that support the Atlas. And with a number of new engine providers backing the peripheral, the Atlas controller, say its makers, could be part of a new kind of mobile gaming experience designed specifically for external inputs.

Meanwhile, the engine providers themselves have been quick to talk of the potential of working to develop a game with the Atlas in mind.

"Marmalade is all about taking games to new platforms and screens, and so Green Throttle is a natural partner for us," stated Tim Closs, Marmalade’s CTO. "We’re looking forward to seeing more games like Expendable Rearmed, which has leveraged Marmalade to come to the Android platform, and is now making use of Green Throttle to enable a console-like multiplayer experience over mobile."

"We’re thrilled to partner with Green Throttle and offer Corona SDK developers the ability to build innovative new games," added Walter Luh, CEO of engine outfit Corona Labs. "The industry continues to evolve very rapidly and Green Throttle is at the forefront of bringing console-like experiences to mobile.

Over 500 developers are reported to have started working with and evaluating the controller since the Green Throttle SDK’s debut in November last year.

Made by publisher, developer and hardware maker Green Throttle, the Atlas supports the Android OS, and offers twin sticks and physical buttons, and takes the approximate form of the current generation mainstream consoles’ gamepad controllers.

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