Hackers obtain 12m Apple UDIDs from FBI laptop

AntiSec, one of the many internet hacking communities, has claimed that it has obtained the UDIDs and user details of 12m Apple users.

UDID stands for ‘unique device identifier’ and is a 40-character code often used for app tracking and authentication purposes.

DailyTech reports that the group obtained an FBI-owned laptop in March and is now beginning to publish its findings.

AntiSec has published 1m of these UDIDs though has refrained from publishing the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails that it also obtained in the breach.

As if the theft and hack were not enough, the obvious question that also needs to be asked is why the FBI is using this information in the first place.

It would appear that the file was related to the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance, which is a NGO tasked with fighting global cyber-crime. Whoops.

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