Hotz claims iPad hack

One of the world’s most recognised hackers has claimed to have developed a method to ‘crack’ the Apple iPad – weeks before the device even arrives at retail.

George Hotz shot to fame following his success in hacking Apple’s iPhone, developing a method for users to both use the device on any mobile network and install unauthorised software.

He has also claimed to have hacked the PS3, though Sony’s system seemingly remains piracy free for the time being.

Late last year Hotz released his latest iPhone-cracking software, blackra1n, which offers a one-click jailbreaking solution for users of the device. Now Hotz is claiming that blackra1n will probably work on iPad too”.

With piracy proving such a huge problem in the iPhone market, the news – if true – will undoubtedly be a crushing blow to format holder Apple. However, don’t discount the possibility of Apple working in some sort of block to Hotz’s software before the iPad arrives next month.

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