iPad 3: What to expect tomorrow

Wednesday March 7th at 6:00pm GMT – that’s when we’ll finally find out what Apple has in store for the third generation of its iPad.

There are many sites devoted to nothing but Apple rumours, but for those without a spare two weeks to catch up with every morsel of information, here’s a run-down of what may (or may not) be on the cards for the new machine.

The only sure-fire bet is that the iPad 3 will have what Apple calls a ‘Retina Screen’. That means that, as with the iPhone 4 and 4S, pixel density will be so high that the human eye will be unable to see them individually, meaning rich and detailed visuals.

Specifically, you can be almost certain the resolution will be 2048×1536, taking it beyond 1080p territory.

It’s also a sure bet that the new A6 chip will be the brains behind the brawn. Whether or it will be a dual-core or quad-core version, however, seems more uncertain.

You can also expect the almost prerequisite camera upgrade, with the front-facing lens and sensor likely to be upgraded to HD quality. LTE network compatibility is a likelihood, too.

Beyond that we’re heading into more speculative waters.

Siri functionality is very possible, making the iPad 3 the first device aside from the iPhone 4S to feature the phone-activated assistant. But don’t expect any radical visual makeovers in terms of hardware – though speculation persists about the removal of the physical Home button.

We can also anticipate a global launch in key territories this month, perhaps as early as next week.

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