iPhone 4 hacking begins

Having arrived in a number of key global markets last Thursday, the first hackers to have jailbroken the iPhone 4 are already boasting online.

Jailbreaking is the term used for circumventing Apple’s software security measures. A jailbroken handset will run custom code and programmes that are not made by Apple or purchased legally over iTunes.

Most users who jailbreak their phones do so to either run illegal pirated software or programmes that are not officially sanctioned by Apple. These can include console emulators or can be feature-based. For instance, jailbroken iPhone 3G devices can be used to record video – something that Apple does not officially offer.

Now Pocket Gamer reports that the first hack is being described as a preliminary userland”, meaning that it still relies on some of Apple’s official software and would be easily blocked were it to be released to the public.

However, it’s the first step towards a crack and don’t be surprised to see something being released online over the coming week or two.

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