iPhone 4 jailbreak arrives, is effortless

Just days after the US Government deemed the ‘jailbreaking’ of mobile handsets to be legal, the first hack for the iPhone 4 has gone live.

What will be more worrying for Apple, however, is the ease with which the new hack can be applied. Users don’t even need access to a PC or Mac – this latest jailbreak can be applied simply by visiting www.jailbreakme.com on the iPhone’s browser and following the instructions.

The hack will also work on older iPhone models.

Unsurprisingly, no sooner had the hack gone live than reports of technical problems arriving as a result of its installation have also appeared. The good news for worried owners, though, is that the hack is easily reversed – users need just to plug their iPhone into their PC or Mc and restore it back to its factory settings.

The dirty underside to all of this, though, is undoubtedly the fact that jailbreaking an iPhone is the first step toward playing pirated games and apps on the device. Note too that for the time being it appears that jailbreaking your iPhone will still invalidate your Apple warranty.

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