iPhone 4 priced, and dated in UK

At the end of his WWDS keynote in which the iPhone 4 was officially revealed, Steve Jobs confirmed the North American pricing and launch date for the sexy new mobile.

The new smartphone will arrive in both the US and UK on June 24th – just over two weeks away. Japan, France and Germany will welcome the phone on the same day, with other territories to follow.

UK pricing remains a mystery for now, but the US SKUs have been confirmed with the 16GB model costing just $199 and the 32GB $299. Both white and black will be available.

In addition, the current 3GS has been dropped to just $99.

Apple also revealed a special deal with AT&T that will see US customers given the option of upgrading from their current handsets as long as their current contract expires in the next six months.

Rest assured that plenty of UK iPhone owners (including your author) would almost die with excitement should O2 announce a similar deal in the UK.

UPDATE: Both O2 and Vodafone has confirmed that they will be offering the iPhone 4 on June 24th. O2 has told TechRadar that it will announce details of an upgrade offer for existing customers "in the near future".

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