Scoreloop will cover costs and operations of porting iOS games to Google's mobile OS

iPhone devs offered more help to go Android

Mobile game developers are being offered even more help to port their iPhone games to Android devices.

Earlier this week, mobile developers were offered to have their costs covered if they port their iOS games to Android.

Chinese giant The9 will pay for the port, while smartphone social group OpenFeint will handle the particulars (as well as compulsory network integration).

But that’s now one of two offers on the table.

Germany-based Scoreloop has publicised its ‘Go Android‘ scheme, which aims to make the iOS-to-Android porting process as simple as possible.

Scoreloop says its goal is to “remove the operational, legal and financial overheads of porting games from one platform to another”.

Like OpenFeint, Scoreloop says developers that take part can reach new audiences “without the time and resource hassle that comes along with porting”.

Scoreloop’s network will be integrated into games it ports.

Both services suggest the Android market is being bet on as a fast-growing sector in the games industry.

“We’re providing real value for developers, not just funds,” said Scoreloop CEO Marc Gumpinger.

Two popular iOS games – Geared and Toobz – have already been ported through the scheme.

“Navigating the Android ecosystem isn’t a simple task and we want to be there for developers through the whole process,” Gumpinger added.

Both Toobz and Geared have been downloaded over 20 million times in total on iOS. Both games will be available on the Android Market in just a week.

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