iWatch and iPhone 6L look odds on for reveal tomorrow night

Apple’s media event tomorrow night looks set to be the launch platform for TWO new iPhones and Apple’s debut in the wearable tech category.

Several members of the fashion press have been tweeting about their surprise at receiving an invite to the briefing – all of which is merely adding to the existing rumours that Apple’s iWatch will be revealed.

Similar to the Android Wear selection of devices and specifically the much-hyped Moto 360 that has made headlines after its IFA debut this week, iWatch will interface with an owner’s iPhone to display primary info and offer a range of functionality via a digital watch interface.

One report reckons that the iWatch may be hampered by poor battery life, but speculation like that remains vey much to be seen. The New York Times says Apple designer Johnny Ive has been grabbing about the tech and how it could disrupt the standard watch market.

Perhaps of more interest however will be the iPhone 6, which will come in two flavours – one similar in size to the current models and one, possibly called the iPhone 6L, that will boast a whopping 5.5-inch screen.

When these handsets will launch remains to be seen, with some speculating they could be available tomorrow and others suggesting more realistically that they will arrive before the end of the month.

Previous concerns that the larger device will be delayed appear to have abated, TechRadar reports.

In general the designs for both have been widely circulated, if in a fragmented fashion, and boast a more rounded look with what appears to be a protruding camera lens on the rear. It’ll be slim, too, leading some to even throw around the name ‘iPhone Air’.

Apple’s event takes place tomorrow night (September 9th).

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