Konami-developed Star Wars card game hits iOS and Android next month

Konami is developing a free-to-play mobile card battle game based on the six Star Wars films, which is set to arrive next month on mobile devices.

Polygon reports Star Wars: Force Collection will launch as a free-to-play offering on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The game packs cards of roughly 230 notable characters and vehicles from the films, with each boasting different stat lines, strengths and abilities.

Force Collection also implements video footage, music, sound effects and more from the Star Wars franchise within the game’s questing and card battling mechanics. The battle mode has players creating decks and taking them into battle against real opponents, while questing is single-player focused and more about earning cards to use against other competitors.

The cards can be enhanced by spending crystals – the game’s currency that can be earned either by playing the game, or by just purchasing with real money. Players can purchase additional cards with crystals or credits as well.

Star Wars: Force Collection launches worldwide on September 4th.

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