Konami is making a new Bomberman

Cherished console series Bomberman is getting a new entry! And you can probably guess what’s coming next, right?

Pocket Gamer reports that Famitsu has revealed Taisen Bomberman, which is in development for iOS and Android and is designed to mark the series’ 30th birthday.

It’s due out some time this winter and offers both four-person online multiplayer and a 100-stage single-player modes. The latter will include online leaderboards for high score purposes. It’ll be cross-play, too, meaning Apple and Google players can compete with one another.

So far only a Japanese release has been confirmed.

Konami bringing one of its cherished IPs to mobile will come as little surprise to those who follow the industry. In May CEO Hideki Hayakawa said that the company would pursue mobile games aggressively” and that its main platform will be mobiles”.

Days later these comments were rebutted, although the subject reared its head again last month when it was alleged that Konami had halted all console series bar PES. Again, these comments were subsequently denied.

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