Latest iDevices face fresh hacking threat as Lightening Connector hack opens door

Apple faces a fresh security threat with reports that the jailbreaking community has made a breakthrough in accessing newer iOS devices.

The Register reports that an exploit concerning the Lightening connector found in modern Apple units has for the first time opened access to Apple’s serial kernel debugger. This was previously only possible on older models.

All of which gives far greater control over devices and opens the door to altering core system codes and taking more or less complete control of an iPhone or iPad. Production on a cable that takes advantage of the loophole has apparently already begun.

The site adds that many prominent figures in the jailbreaking community” seem hugely excited by the development, suggesting that there’s definitely something to the claims. One hacking site went as far to say that the new exploit "the key to the castle” and is the first step in "totally owning an iDevice".

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