Could this mean Apple are taking steps to bring bigger games to its set top box?

Minecraft announced for the Apple TV

Apple didn’t talk a lot about games during its conference yesterday evening, but one announcement was surprising: Microsoft’s blocky build-em-up Minecraft is coming to the Apple TV device by the end of the year.

This is a big step forwards for the Apple TV, which has had a couple of smaller gems, but never really lived up to its promise of being a console with the Apple logo emblazoned on the top. With Minecraft appearing on the platform, could this signal that Apple are now looking to work with more devs to get appealing games on their Apple TV set top box?

The release does mean it’s nearly impossible to get away from Minecraft, with nearly every major platform having their own release. Developers Mojang originally released the game for the PC in alpha in 2009, but have since ported it to iOS, Android and every major console in the years that followed, with the different versions tallying up 100 million sales between them.

Microsoft purchased Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014 and revealed plans to unify the Minecraft experience across every device using their Xbox Live service.

The main interest for other devs seeing this news though, won’t be playing Minecraft on yet another format, but that maybe the Apple TV is a place worth developing for now, especially if Apple are willing to take steps to try and facilitate more games coming to the platform.

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