Apple device accounts for just 1% of mobile game market, suggests Finblade

‘Mobile devs need to think past the iPhone’

Speaking at his session at today’s Casual Games Forum, Finblade’s chairman John Chasey has suggested that the focus of many mobile developers on the iPhone is misguided. To flourish and grow, he believes more studios need to look at taking their product to additional mobile platforms.

According to Chasey, the iPhone covers just one per cent of the total mobile gaming and application market; something he suggests is all to often forgotten. Reminding delegates that the App Store is notoriously overcrowded, Chasey also suggested that the majority of studios that have created content for the App Store have not returned for a second title – something he believes means the opportunity for success the platform provides is ‘certainly limited’.

"If your idea has worked on the iPhone, why not export it to wider platforms?" asked the chairman of the tech company and developer. "The answer to that question is that there are so many different platforms, but by using new technology, and exporting as much as you can, you can reach a surprising number of platforms with reative ease."

"There is as many, if not more opportunities in the non-iPhone areas, because there’s just less people looking at that area. If you don’t look beyond the iPhone to more mobile platforms, you really are missing a trick there," he later added.

Chasey’s perspective may come as a shock to a sector currently fascinated by the sensationally popular Apple gadget, but it certainly paints a positive picture for those looking to expand and succeed in a sub-sector where competition and discoverability are a constant challenge.

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