Fresh wave of Mali products designed to improve efficiency on smart devices

New ARM hardware to help bring high-end games to mobile

Tech giant ARM has announced a new range of products that improve the performance of video and games on smart phones and tablets, including those towards the lower end of the spectrum.

The range includes the Mali-V550 video accelerator, the Mali-DP550 display processor and a trio of Mali T-800 GPUs: the T-820, T-830 and T-860.

Each device aims to improve the efficiency of mobile gaming and videos, with the GPUs each supporting the latest APIs, including OpenGL ES 3.1, DirectX 11, OpenCL and RenderScript.

ARM’s Chris Porthouse told Develop that these devices will help devs achieve more with their games on a wider range of devices.

"From a games developer point of view, what we’re enabling are some very advanced features and some very high performance on many more devices than they’d been able to target previously," he said. "Because we’re bringing the same featuresets and technologies into a wider market, as a games developer you can reach many more customers with your target game."

He also said the new range will help advance Geomerics’ Enlighten technology, following ARM’s acquisition of the lighting tech firm last year.

"Some of this is about taking the Enlighten technology, which is very high-end and fits with Xbox One, PS4 and PC titles, and bringing that into mobile," Porthouse said. 

"If we can bring dynamic lighting into a runtime environment and utilise things like pixel local storage – which is in our new hardware – Enlighten will benefit and can take advantage of that.

"We’re working with various game engine companies – with Unity, Epic and others – to ensure they’re able to support our GPUs very easily."

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