Former Crytek and EALA exec producer Nathan Camarillo appointed as studio leader

Ngmoco lays off 20 staff at iOS studio Freeverse

Ngmoco has laid off upwards of 20 staff at iOS developer Freeverse.

As reported by TechCrunch, the move to axe the majority of the studio’s employees comes a week after co-founders Ian and Colin Lynch Smith left the developer.

Following the layoffs, Ngmoco has appointed former Crytek, EALA and current Freeverse exec producer Nathan Camarillo as studio leader.

“Today we have organized Freeverse into a focused team, building on a foundation of talent from the studio in NY,” said Ngmoco VP of studios Clive Downey.

“Unfortunately this means we have had to say goodbye to some people. We thank everyone who has contributed to DeNA and Freeverse over the years and wish those moving on the very best.

“Freeverse founders Ian and Colin Smith are taking a well deserved break, after building their company, helming the studio through years of success, many game launches, and the acquisition by ngmoco.

“The new studio leadership will come from within, led by respected vet Nathan Camarillo.”

Freeverse has developed a number of games for iOS and Mac such as TouchPets and Eliminate, which have been downloaded more than ten million times.

Ngmoco acquired the studio in 2010.

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