Scott Foe's secret Project White Rock is revealed as UGC-driven spoof and will hit PC and handsets

Nokia developing “highest ever production value mobile title”

The latest issue of Edge has the scoop on Nokia’s long-in-gestation user-generated content game Reset Generation (previously known as Project White Rock), which the designer Scott Foe says will "shatter expectations" of what mobile games are capable of.

Reset Generation features a spoof of classic game characters and concepts in a turn-based mobile game developed by Finland-based Redlynx, and produced by Foe, who designed the N-Gage MMO Pocket Kingdoms. It’s due for release in the summer.

The game, although designed as a key app for Nokia’s recently revamped N-Gage platform, is also going to be given away for free as a web version of the game, completely with customisable versions of all the game’s assets. The idea being that the game can draw in a wider audience given bigger exposure.

"There’s no seasonality in mobile games – mom won’t wrap one up for you for Christmas," Foe told Edge. "And there’s no shelf space needed, so we’re looking at an 18-month or three-year sales cycle."

He added: "We didn’t just want to do another game, we wanted to make something that matters. 3D games are perishable.

"Reset Generation is meant to be imperishable, so it’s the way you’re enjoying it that will change. We mean for this to be he highest production value mobile title ever. We men to shatter expectations. We mean to put the flag on the summit."

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