NRA launches Practice Range educational game on iOS

A National Rifle Association-licensed educational game has been made available on Apple’s App Store.

Entitled NRA: Practice Range, the free app looks to provide education on firearm safety and training. According to the game description, it is targeted at players aged 4+ and up.

The FPS allows players to fire virtual versions of real guns at inanimate objects, with in-app purchases including a Colt pistol and MK11 sniper rifle.

Practice Range also serves as a way to broadcast NRA news, with the description stating it puts the NRA’s broad scope of resources in the palm of your hand.” That specifically includes updates on legislation concerning firearms, as well as educational information on various state gun laws, and other NRA-relevant information.

The game’s release comes in the wake of the Newton, Connecticut school shooting tragedy, which prompted the NRA to rally against violent video games and other media.

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