But battery life lower than Apple's A5 chip

Nvidia mobile chip ‘faster than iPad 2’

Nvidia’s upcoming Tegra 3 mobile chip is faster than the iPad 2 processor, according to new benchmark tests.

Carried out by AnandTech and Hothardware, the tests showed that the five-core chip designed for Android scored better than Apple’s A5 processor in web browsing and JavaScript applications.

When it came to graphics rendering, the Tegra 3 also had a much greater GLBenchmark FPS than the A5 chip.

The tests also revealed that Nvidia’s new processor is a substantial improvement over its previous incarnation the Tegra 2.

The iPad 2 however fared far better in OpenGL texture performance, scoring twice as high as the Tegra 3, whilst also showing excellent power efficiency.

In fact Nvidia’s chip drained a full battery within five hours during the tests, a significantly shorter lifespan that the company’s claim of 12 hours earlier this month.

Whilst these are only initial benchmarks and the data can be taken in any number of ways, it shows that Nvidia’s five-core chip has the power to rival Apple’s iPad processor as a graphics powerhouse for mobile and tablet platforms.

Nvidia last month claimed that Tegra 3 was so powerful that it would be able to bring home computer power to mobiles, but it remains to be seen just what the processor is able to handle until more rigorous graphics testing is carried out.

The processor is likely to be released next year.

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