Steve Jobs – the man who changed handheld gaming

There are several moments that can rightly be called ‘pivotal’ throughout the history of gaming. The Magnavox Odyssey. Space Invaders. The NES. Game Boy. Sony’s PlayStation. Xbox Live. The iPod Touch has certainly earned its place on that list. The savageness with which Apple has reshaped the handheld sector is …

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Angry Birds Flash edition on the way

Rovio has built a new version of its smartphone games sensation Angry Birds that plays in Flash. Yesterday the Finnish studio took stage at Adobe’s Max event in Los Angeles to demonstrate the game running in Flash Player 11, Adobe’s newest web standard for rich media. Rovio will bring the …

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Infinity Blade II shows off iPhone 4S power

Epic Games today took stage at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to reveal Infinity Blade 2, a full sequel to the iOS blockbuster. In development at Epic Games subsidiary Chair, which built the original Infinity Blade, the game will take full advantage of Apple’s new smartphone. The game is scheduled to launch …

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