US government cracks iOS security without Apple’s help

The US Department of Justice has said that it has successfully cracked the iPhone at the centre of the security dispute between Apple and the FBI. In February Apple hit the headlines when it accused the FBI of threatening digital security after the agency demanded that that the company help …

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15 year-old MMO is making $100m a month for Shanda Games

Chinese mobile games publisher Shanda Games is enjoying remarkable success from an unlikely source. The Legend of Mir Mobile is a port of 15 year-old Korean MMO The Legend of Mir 2. Tech In Asia reports that vice chair Zhu Xiaojing has said that the game is earning currently between …

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‘4D’ VR headphones use electrical signals to mimic feeling of movement

Your VR demo can be a flash as you like, but when the user is sitting in a chair in their pants there’s only so much illusion your clever programming can muster. After all, no matter how exciting the in-game frolics, the sensation will always be dulled somewhat by the …

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