HTC to launch Vive Business Edition

Virtual reality is coming to the corporate sector as HTC reveals it is releasing a Business Edition of its Vive headset. This special edition is available from this month in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and France only. The headset will then be released worldwide in the coming weeks”, HTC …

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Apple opens the door to iOS game subscriptions

Developers will soon be able to charge a recurring fee for the games following Apple’s announcement of a new subscription system for the iOS App Store. Engadget reports that subscribed apps will retain the traditional 70/30 revenue split, although if a developer can keep a user subscribed for a year, …

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Earthbound creator launches ‘Instagram for pets’

The lead designer of the cherished retro RPG Mother series has embarked on an entirely different project. Polygon reports that Shigesato Itoi has just launched Dokonoko, which is a photo creation tool designed specifically for use with pets. ‘Instagram for pets’ is how the site describes it, and looking at …

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