International Android developers offered 'easy access' to lucrative Chinese markets

PapayaMobile launches Chinese app dev service

Bejing-based PapayaMobile has announced the launch of the Gateway To China programme, offering Android developers across the globe the ability to access the growing Chinese sector markets.

Gateway To China provides a localisation service, distribution to Chinese app stores, marketing campaigns, a built-in virtual currency system and a ‘range of billing options’.

“With three years of experience working in China, PapayaMobile has established relationships with key handset manufacturers, app stores, wireless operators and press making Papaya the most widely distributed mobile Social Networking Service in this territory,” said PapayaMobile chief executive Si Shen.

“Our goal is to share these relationships with our developers so that they too can monetise the largest mobile market in the world.”

The Chinese mobile market is made up of over 800m mobile phones, and 50 per cent of all the country’s smartphones run Android. Virtual goods in the sector generate an estimated $4bn in revenue a year.

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