Planetside 2 goes free-to-play

Upcoming PC shooter Planetside 2 will adopt a free-to-play model following the long line of MMOs that did so earlier this year.

The FPS MMO sequel from Sony Online Entertainment will include free-to-play in some form, but concrete details have yet to be determined, reports VG247.

The developer’s studio head John Smedley told The game will be free-to-play. What form will it be? We’re still working that out. But here’s a hint – we like League of Legends a lot.”

League of Legends is an online strategy game that is free to play but charges users for in-game ‘Riot Points’.

Plantside 2 follows a large number of games that have adopted free-to-play models over the past 12 months, including City of Heroes, Age of Conan and LEGO Universe. They have all dropped monthly subscription fees in favour of a free-to-play system.

Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and the Japanese version of Epic’s Infinity Blade have also adopted free-to-play models, while World of Warcraft now allows gamers to play up to level 20 for free.

The original Plantside arrived on PC in 2003. The sequel has not yet been given a firm release date, although a beta is due later this year or early 2012.

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