Sony gives players access to PS4 social features and PS Store through mobile and tablets

PlayStation app to launch ahead of PS4

Sony has confirmed the launch of a PlayStation app on November 13 in North America and November 22 in Europe.

The mobile and tablet app will be used for second-screen gaming on the PlayStation 4 with both Android and iOS devices, similar to Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology.

Not all games will take advantage of the tech, but Sony points to The Playroom – a game that comes pre-installed on the new console – as an example of how developers can take advantage of the small screen for console titles.

The Playroom will let users draw images on their mobile devices and see them as 3D objects in the game.

The free app also takes advantage of the PS4’s sharing feature so they can watch and interact with their friends as they play.

This means players can watch livestreams, message their friends in-game, or view video content even when they aren’t on their PlayStation.

Users can even buy new games and DLC through the PlayStation store or view their trophy collections, making the app a bit like Valve’s Steam app but with actual gameplay potential.

It won’t be possible to buy videos for some reason, but the app can also act as a remote control for the PS4, which will probably make entering text a lot easier without the need for a separate keyboard, and hopefully improve media apps like Netflix and Hulu.

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