New S1 and S2 Android devices set for Autumn launch

PlayStation platform expands to new Sony tablets

Sony’s new range of Android tablet devices are to launch in the Autumn, Sony has announced.

The uniquely designed iPad rivals – codenamed the S1 and S2 – will run with Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

The curved S1 offers a 9.4-inch touchscreen, while the S2 boasts two separate 5.5-inch displays that fold up in a clam-shell design.

They will also offer developers PlayStation Suite support, meaning an influx of games could appear on the devices.

PlayStation Suite is a cross-device digital platform that developers can build content for.

Games made on PlayStation Suite can be released on the upcoming PSP2 and other Android 3.0+ smartphones, such as the Xperia Play.

Sony’s new tablets will add to the growing list of products supporting PlayStation Suite. However, with its buttonless form-factor, developers will have to rethink control layouts if they are to port PSP2 and Xperia Play games to the new tablets.

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