Pokémon Go creator Niantic taken to court in The Hague

Dutch authorities are taking legal action against Niantic after they failed to prevent thousands of Pokmon Go players heading to protected beaches.

The beaches of Kijkduin have been home to many rare Pokmon since the game’s launch, which obviously resulted in thousands of players heading to the shore line. The problem is that there are protected dunes in the area, and with so many people wandering around in search of invisible critters they could be damaged.

Initially authorities from The Hague reached out to Niantic in mid August, but received no reply. This has lead to them taking the case to court, with a hearing scheduled for October 11th in The Hague.

According to The Guardian, authorities want to ban Pokmon from appearing in protected areas from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. This would mean that players could still catch the rare Pokmon that appear, just not during the night.

We had no other choice,” said The Hague in a statement. "Kijkduin will remain an attractive place for Pokmon hunters, but there will be less trouble for the residents and the damage to protected areas will be limited."

The news comes as Niantic announced that the initial traffic for Pokmon Go was 50 times greater than they expected, with the game still topping the mobile charts.

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