Developer seeks to prove the existence of a AAA market for mobile

Republique Kickstarter ‘brings AAA to iPhone’

Ryan Payton, formerly a director for Halo and producer for Metal Gear Solid 4, has set out to prove that gamers will embrace iOS- but only if there are games worthy of their attention.

"iOS is becoming a great gaming platform, but where are the games for people who love intense action and story-driven experiences?" Payton asks.

"Where are the AAA games designed specifically for touch-based devices?"

His studio, Camouflaj, has teamed up with production house Logan, taking to Kickstarter to create a AAA game and story designed from the ground up for touch interface.

The game, Rebublique, is seeking a budget of $1 million dollars, half of which has been offered by investors on the condition that they prove the market exists by raising the other half on Kickstarter.

The story begins as a girl trapped in a secret totalitarian state known as the Republique calls the player to beg for help. The player views and controls the action by hacking into the nation’s surveilance system.

The game draws heavily from the success of Infinity Blade, but Payton has had trouble convincing investors it was more than a fluke.

"When it comes down to dollars and cents, the most consistent feedback we get is: ‘You have to prove that there’s a market out there for this. And don’t use Infinity Blade as an example unless you can guarantee your game will also be featured in an Apple national TV spot,” he said.

The Kickstarter campaign has raised $47,000, and has thirty days remaining.

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