Revealed the iPhone 4

It looks as if the phone rumoured by Engadget this morning to be the iPhone 4 is very much the real deal.

Tech site Gizmodo has got its hands on the device and it could very well be the next iteration of the iPhone. Or, at least, a genuine Apple prototype. Here’s a summary of the key details:

* The machine, when first discovered, was running iPhone OS4, though this was remotely disabled by Apple once it was discovered that it had been lost
* Sources seem to confirm that Apple has indeed lost a prototype, and is desperate to get I back
* It was originally housed in a plastic case designed to make it look like a 3GS model
* When Gizmodo plugged it into their Mac they got the normal iPhone connect to iTunes” message
* All of its internal components are made by Apple
* The new phone is now completely flat, ditching the curved rear of the 3G and 3GS
* It uses a Micro-SIM, just like the iPad
* The battery is 16 per cent larger than that found in the iPhone 3G
* The screen offers a significant, but still undefined, resolution improvement on current models
* The volume button is now split into two

You can check out some of photos here:

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