The Rocky Horror Show Touch Me set for release next year, will expand brand in a way 'appropriate to the medium'

Romanos and Clark’s Rocket Lolly reveals Rocky Horror mobile debut

Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark have unveiled their new studio’s first title – a mobile effort based on cult musical The Rocky Horror Show.

Romanos is known from her leadership of developer Remode, as well as Strike Gamelabs. She also holds a position on the UKIE board, and has spoken extensively on issues such as video games tax relief.

Clark was home architect for Sony’s PlayStation Home and created the first mobile IAP model in 2003. He has also worked with Unity and written a book on ‘Games As a Service’.

The pair formed Rocket Lolly Games last December, hinting that their first title would be based on ‘iconic IP’.

That IP is the 1973 cult musical The Rocky Horror Show, which was also the basis of the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Rocky Horror Show Touch Me takes its titular inspiration from the song Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me from the show (pictured in the film), and will launch on mobile next year.

Rocket Lolly insisted that it would expand the brand in a way that is ‘appropriate to the medium’, adding that the title would include social aspects based on the show’s iconic audience participation.

The title will be the first video game adaptation of Rocky Horror in 18 years, since 1999’s puzzle adventure effort The Rocky Interactive Horror Show Game.

“Ella and I formed Rocket Lolly Games in order to bring this fantastic IP to market, which being fans ourselves we believe we can do with the care it deserves,” said director and co-founder Clark.

“Rocky is about the outsider to whom we all relate. It’s a story about coming of age and diversity; a welcoming and joyous experience which, as Rocky fans ourselves, it is an absolute pleasure to be entrusted. It’s our hope to show what a small studio can do to expand a brand as special as this into games.”

“Rocky has been realized as a theatre show, a film and a game before, “ commented Andy Leighton, director of Druidcrest and music publisher of The Rocky Horror Show.

“However, now is the perfect time for it to be reimagined in a way that could only exist on our phones and tablets. Ella and Oscar’s passion for this project makes them the perfect people to bring the experience to a new audience, as well as to those who already love the show.”

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