Tactical shooter franchise will head to Facebook and mobile

Romero’s Loot Drop to make social Ghost Recon

Loot Drop is taking 2001 tactical shooter franchise Ghost Recon to the social sphere.

The social game studio is headed by John Romero, co-founder of Id Tech, and is working closely with Ubisoft to bring games based on the series to Facebook and mobile phones.

"The gameplay is an innovative design that is turn-based but can feel real-time if you want to play that way," Romero told Gamasutra.

Id Tech veteran Brenda Braithwaite will be taking the position of lead game designer.

Braithwaite and Romero, who have worked together since the 1980s, have been dating since April 2010, and recently announced their engagement.

The game is set to begin open beta next month.

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