Mobile giant's Peter Vestebacka discusses the studio's ambitions and the importance of brand

Rovio built Angry Birds to last ‘a hundred years’

The success of Rovio’s Angry Birds has been well documented, as has the Finnish studio’s ambitions to continue driving the brand forward.

At an event in London this week, the firm’s CMO and mighty eagle Peter Vestebacka said Rovio now plans to ensure Angry Birds is still popular with gamers of the next century. Develop’s sister site Moblie Entertainment citing Disney as an example of the level of success it wants to reach.

"We’re not building Angry birds for a hundred days but for a hundred years," Vestebacka said. "Mario is a great role model for anyone in games, it’s been built for almost 30 years now. Hello Kitty is 40 this year and Mickey Mouse was launched in 1928 as a black and white cartoon and that company is now building theme parks based on the character on every continent.

"We launched an iPhone game in 2009 and now 45 per cent of our business comes from physical products, including drinks – we’re giving Coke a run for their money. There are tens of thousands of physical consumer products everywhere and activity parks on all continents – we even launched on in Florida with NASA and launched a game in space.

"Things like that sound crazy at first but they can be done. We even took over Red Square in Moscow, branded it with it with Angry Birds and threw a party there for 40,000 people – now friends believe i can do anything. We also had a party at the Kremlin for 6,000 students.

"What started as a little game is a major brand and franchise. Our friends at Disney are still a bit ahead but our trajectory looks good. We’re just getting started."

Vestebacka also spoke about the importance of building a brand around your game.

"Becoming a brand is very, very important," he said. "For every Angry Birds there are many not-so successful games. If you’re serious about games you need to be serious about marketing and branding.

"Brand will continue to become more and more important as huge acquisition costs rocket because – here are just a few companies that can afford to pay for them."

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