Samsung Gear VR headset costs $100, out this November

One of the first consumer-grade virtual reality headsets to make it to market has set a potentially market-changing price.

The Samsung Gear VR was co-developed with Oculus, the firm behind the Rift headset.

Unlike that device, which harnesses PC power, the Gear VR focuses on offering virtual reality provided by Samsung’s range of Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung announced at the Oculus Connect 2 conference that a consumer version of the Gear VR would be launched this November, coming to other regions in the following months.

The new Gear VR is 22 per cent lighter than the developer-focused Innovator Edition of the peripheral, as well as adding new comfort features and support for a wider range of Galaxy models.

Samsung also revealed a price: $99 (65). Specific UK pricing is yet to be confirmed.

The cost is surprisingly low compared to the estimated price of the Gear VR’s competitors, which are all set to launch within the next six to 12 months. It’s also half of the original cost of the Innovator Gear VR, which was available for $200 (130).

The Oculus Rift had previously been slated to retail for between $200 and $400 – at least twice the Gear VR’s price tag.

Meanwhile, PlayStation VR (ne Morpheus) had recently been pegged at a similar investment cost to a brand new console, potentially stretching up to 350.

Both the Rift and PlayStation VR are expected to launch next year, with Valve’s HTV Vive VR rival due out later this year – but a price is yet to be announced for the Steam-friendly device.

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