‘Smartphones are not designed to be put in your pocket’

The controversy surrounding Apple’s allegedly bendy iPhone 6 Plus is unfounded due to the design of modern smartphones.

That’s according to analyst Chris Green who has made the shock claim to the BBC that modern phones don’t belong in pockets at all.

"This is not an issue that Apple – or other phone companies – need to be compelled to respond to or fix,” the Davies Murphy Group principal technology analyst said. If anything this is a reflection of how people have started to use devices beyond what they were designed for.

"Even the most recent smartphones are not designed to be put in trouser pockets – front or back – where they are going to be under the most chassis strain. And this just illustrates the fact that the public’s desire for manufacturers to strive for ever thinner and lighter devices means that we are getting ever more fragile devices.

"Just casually sticking a 700 smartphone in your pocket is an increasingly reckless thing to do."

It emerged earlier today that some owners of Apple’s new smartphone have experienced some bending of the device, seemingly after it has spent a prolonged period in a user’s pocket.

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