Space Ape launches Rhianna Pratchett-penned iOS strategy game Rival Kingdoms

UK-based mobile games company Space Ape has released its second title, strategy game Rival Kingdoms.

The title is available globally on iOS today (May 8th), and has been written by none other than Rhianna Pratchett. Gamers might remember Pratchett for her work on the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. She has also contributed to the writing on the likes ofMirror’s Edge, Thief, Heavenly Sword, Prince of Persia and Codemasters’ Overlord series.

Rival Kingdoms will be available on Android later in May, Space Ape says.

Space Ape has also revealed thats first game, Samurai Seige, has been downloaded over ten million times in just one year.

Working with Space Ape on Rival Kingdoms has opened my eyes to the delightful reality that rich narrative experiences are no longer just the preserve of console and PC games,” Pratchett said.

Mobile games are attracting a new audience who expect to be able to enjoy a few minutes or a few hours in a more interesting and multi-dimensional world. As a writer, it’s a fascinating challenge – like the graphics, sound and file size, the story needs to be delivered in a tighter, more economical package, but still satisfy the experienced gamer. Estara, the land of Rival Kingdoms, has many of the elements fantasy fans expect – heroes, villains, dragons and ancient beings wielding supernatural powers – but I think we’ve built some twists and surprises into the world as well. I can’t wait to see how players react to it.”

Space Ape CEO John Earner added: We’re thrilled to be able finally to revealRival Kingdoms. We’ve spent a lot of time exploring why players love the strategy genre so much, along with what makes for a satisfying game.

Many mobile strategy games offer a satisfying loop for a few minutes, but lack depth and sophistication. And, on PC and console, depth and sophistication come at the cost of convenience and time. We wanted to build a game that can scratch the gaming itch at a bus stop or checkout queue, but also offer hours of base development, alliance building and combat, with great music, better-developed characters and narrative and beautiful graphicsusing the latest version of Unity, with Support for Apple’s Metal Graphics. We believe thatRival Kingdomsoffers the best of both worlds – and that players are going to react very well to that.”

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