Square Enix unveils world’s first Apple Watch only RPG

An RPG designed exclusively for use on the Apple Watch is under development at Square Enix.

Siliconera has a few shreds of information about the game, which is called Cosmos Rings. It seems tied to daily activity, with the number of steps taken by a user having some sort of effect on the game.

There will also be a ‘Time Upstream System’ that is controlled via the Apple Watch Crown. In fact, time seems to be a theme here, with the action taking place in a world called the ‘Interval of Time’. Visually Square is going for a nostalgic look, perhaps in part due to the Watch’s screen resolution.

The game is being produced by Takehiro Ando, who is best known for his work on the Chaos Ring series, and long-term Final Fantasy art director Yusuke Naora.

Cosmos Rings is due out pretty soon, having a ‘summer 2016′ release date.

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