New data suggests huge potential within an overcrowded market

Study: Average iPhone app gets 100k downloads

The average iPhone app has sold 101,024 copies over a lifetime of 261 days, according to new research published by former AppVee boss Alex Ahlund.

The company surveyed 96 iPhone developers, big and small, about their apps’ sales performance.

The average app sells 387 copies a day, and the average price is $5.49. If that seems a bit high, be warned that Ahlund’s research included one $49.99 app, which skewed the price.

The average app costs $6,453 to develop, and gets 3.89 updates.

However, Ahlund also warns that when you remove the top 10% of apps from his figures, you get an average sales figure of 11,625, with 23% of apps selling less than 1,000 downloads.

And the key to success? "Developers can either find a niche and get extremely lucky, or produce a fantastic product with high production values," writes Ahlund. "In the end, the latter is the safer route to success."

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