Tablet gaming revenue to hit $13.3bn by 2019 – report

The tablet gaming market still has plenty of room to grow, according to a new report from market research firm Juniper.

Games Industry highlights the company’s new findings, which claim that tablet gaming revenue will reach $13.3bn by 2019. Revenue is expected to hit $3.6bn this year, so Juniper is predicting a tripling of the market total over the next four years and change.

Juniper explained the growth will be driven in large part by more sophisticated tablets boasting improved graphics and storage, along with stronger broadband connections internationally to take advantage of.

"Consumers’ preference for convenience and ubiquity" compared to other possible gaming platforms was also mentioned as one of the catalysts in the projected growth.

The findings also claim that indies will have a short opportunity window to get in on the boom, stating that the next 12 months could be critical” for smaller studios. This is due to the nearing of a total saturation point for marketplaces, as stores offering over 1m apps would naturally require additional funding from the developers to help them stand out from the crowd.

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