Intel Developer Blog: How to avoid common mistakes and test your apps effectively

Top tips to improve the quality of your code

Have you discovered the secret of the last line effect? Andrey Karpov studied a huge catalogue of bugs and found a surprising correlation: when developers copy, paste and modify code, they’re four times more likely to make an error at the end of that code chunk. Check out his thesis and some code examples here.

That’s all about the human side of coding, but there are some tips here on common mistakes you can avoid in the process of planning and building your app. How many of these sins have you committed?

Testing is, of course, fundamental to the quality of any app. Intel has a selection of free tools to help with that. You can use a virtual testing service to test your apps on Intel-based Android devices, and download Intel INDE to make and test cross-platform software for Windows and Android. If you’re coding in HTML5, Intel XDK can help you to write high-quality code more quickly.

All these articles and tools are available from the Intel Developer Zone, which helps developers to make apps that get the very best from the available hardware.

  • This blog post is written by Softtalkblog, and is sponsored by the Intel Developer Zone, which helps you to develop, market and sell software and apps for prominent platforms and emerging technologies powered by Intel Architecture.

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